Our Services


D G HOWELL is a Company that was founded over 36 YEARS AGO and has built up a strong, financially secure business purely on reputation.

Our customers range from large Companies, in Steel, Defence, Automotive, Chemicals, Aviation, Marine & Industrial etc. to the smaller businesses for whom hydraulics is a small part and who don’t have the money to employ a hydraulic expert,

Our records go back as long as the Company has been established all comprehensively indexed and stored. This means that even if you bought a power pack (or anything else) 30 years ago we will have all the information relating to it.

Hard to find parts?

Our computer database has 14,000 plus parts file! For most obsolete parts we can usually find something to get your machine operational.

So what – you may think, but try dealing with a Company that keeps going into receivership so their staff can’t be bothered or one that only keeps records for 6 months (if any!). We do battles every day on behalf of our customers with supplier Companies that couldn’t care less and force (or shame) good service out of them. So avoid the hassle yourself – let us do it for you.