Technical Tips

Are You Replacing A Pump That Has Failed?….Do You Know Why It Failed?
We Strongly Recommend That You:

1. Change (or Sample) The Oil & Fit New Filter Elements.
2. Check That Any Suction Filter Is Not Clogged.
3. Check For Any Inlet Pipe Restrictions & That Air Is Not Being Drawn Into Pump.
4. Adjust The Relief Valve Down (very Often The Relief Valve Is Screwed In To Try & Compensate For Pump Wear) If The Relief Valve Is Not Adjusted Back Down, The New Pump May Fail Immediately From Over Pressurisation.
5. Check That The Rotation Of The Pump Is Correct. Running The Pump In The Wrong Direction Can Cause Irreparable Damage & Invalidate The Warranty.
6. Drive Couplings Must Not Be Hammered On To The Shaft.
7. Side End Loading Of The Pump Shaft Is Not Permissable.
8. The New Pump Should Be “run In” At Zero Pressure For A Few Minutes. The Pressure May Be Gradually Increased To The System Requirements. Make Sure This Is Within The Manufacturers Recommendations.


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